Kurban Bayramı Vesilesiyle Büyükelçiliğimizde Gerçekleştirilen Bayramlaşma Hakkında Al-sharq Gazetesinde Çıkan Haber Kesiti

Doha Büyükelçiliği 12.10.2014

Kurban Bayramı vesilesiyle Büyükelçiliğimizde gerçekleştirilen bayramlaşma hakkında Al-Sharq gazetesinin bugünkü (12 Ekim) nüshasında yeralan haber kesiti ve Büyükelçiliğimizce yapılan İngilizce tercümesi aşağıda sunulmaktadır.

"During hismeeting with the Turkish Community on the occasion of Eid Al Adha- The Turkish Ambassador: We expect more Qatari investments in the coming years.

HE Mr. Ahmed Demirok, the Turkish Ambassador to Doha, and his wife hosted some of the Turkish community living in Qatar on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. During the meeting, which was held at the Turkish Embassy in Doha, they talked about the close relations that bind Qatar and Turkey, as the Turkish ambassador confirmed on the strength of this relation in various fields which are consistent with the brotherly relationship between the leaderships of the two countries.

The Turkish ambassador clarified that his country looks forward to strengthen these relations especially as there is a great understanding in the views of both countries on various regional and global issues, stressing that his country and the State of Qatar are seeking to promote economic and cultural relations, and he expected that Qatar will be the second-largest investor in Turkey during the coming years. He said that the economic relations between Turkey and Qatar are condensing and enhancing, as there are real opportunities for the Turkish factories in Qatar and for the Qatari companies in Turkey.

He added that Turkey is witnessing rapid economic growth in the presence of a lucrative market and sound financial capabilities, so we expect to see more investment and capitals in Turkey.

A memorandum of understanding recently has been signed between Qatar Investment Authority and the Turkish Agency in supporting and encouraging investment and bilateral trade between Qatar and Turkey. HE Mr. Ahmed Demirok said that this agreement is mainly related to the promotion of bilateral investment, pointing out that trade between the two countries is in the upward trend, "However, there is a lot that needs to be done; in 2013, the trade volume reached 769 million USD which does not reflect the true potential and there are a lot of goods that can be exchanged between our two countries."

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