Büyükelçi Ahmet Demirok'un Çeşitli Yerel Gazetelerde Yayımlanan Mülakatı

Doha Büyükelçiliği 07.12.2014

HE Ambassador of Turkey to Qatar Ahmet Demirok has reiterated the depth of relations between his country and Qatar at all levels, saying that their ties are characterized by shared culture and history.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of Qatar National Day, HE the Turkish Ambassador said that the outstanding relations between Turkey and Qatar are built on a solid foundation allowing them to flourish in view of the joint efforts undertaken by both countries at different official and popular levels. He pointed out that the official visits at the highest level will allow further cooperation between the two countries and will cement relations for the sake of more joint actions.

He described the political relations between Turkey and Qatar as excellent, while pointing to the growing cultural and economic ties. He went on saying, "I think there are more opportunities for cooperation, especially in investments, agriculture, health, tourism, construction, energy, banks and the financial sector in Turkey." Turkey invited Qatari investors to discuss the possibility of investment in those areas, he said, pointing out that Turkish construction companies and Turkish community in Qatar are contributing to the Qatari economy.

In the cultural field, HE Ahmet Demirok said in "the Qatar-Turkey cultural year 2015" many cultural activities and events will be held in both countries, which will further contribute to bridging between the Qatari and the Turkish peoples.

He stressed that the governments of Qatar and Turkey have been working together to find a solution to many challenges in the Middle East because the two countries have a shared history and culture with all the parties to the conflicts in the region, and that is why Turkey and Qatar are making a constructive role in the region. He added that Qatar and Turkey are playing an important enlightening role in the region's problems through international organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

He said: "Qatar is a major force in the Middle East thanks to its rapid economic growth and the principles of its foreign policy. Qatar is a bright star in the region. It initiated diplomatic role to bring together the views of many groups in the region through mediations. This role is important for security and stability of the region. Qatar is working to bring peace to our shared region and beyond that." On Qatar National Day, HE the Turkish Ambassador said that the National Day reflects the Qatari identity and traditions. It is a day during which Qatari tribes showcase their traditions, he said, adding that he had the opportunity for the first time last year to be present at the official ceremony attended by HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, and HH the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and a number of Their Excellencies Sheikhs. "It was an impressive celebration and I saw HH the Emir and HH the Father Emir meeting people and shaking hands with them. This was a real indicator of the cohesion that binds the leadership and the people in Qatar, and this scene is hard to see in many other countries.

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