Sosyal Medyada Filistin'in 1915 Olayları Adına Bir Pul Bastığı Yönünde Dolaştırılan Haberin Gerçek Dışı Olduğu Yönünde Filistin İletişim Bakanı Tarafından Yapılan Açıklama Hk.

Doha Büyükelçiliği 23.04.2015

Sosyal medyada Filistin'in 1915 olayları adına bir pul bastığı yönünde dolaştırılan haberin gerçek dışı olduğu yönünde Filistin İletişim Bakanı tarafından yapılan açıklamanın metni aşağıda sunulmuştur.

"PRESS RELEASE- Minister of Communications denies the connection of the Palestinian Post of the draft image of a postage stamp related to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

22/04/2015 –Ramallah- Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Allam Moussa denied any connection to the Palestinian Post of the draft image of a postage stamp that carries ‘’Palestine’’ sign related to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. This was recently spread to some of the media and social networking pages.

Musa explained that the published postage is a draft and not of a postage stamp, adding that the stamps issued by the Palestinian Post are under the name of ‘’the State of Palestine’’ and not “Palestine “and with cent category and not a penny as they are in the draft. Dr. Mussa said that such publication intended to harm the Turkish -Palestinian relations. Adding that the Ministry from the first moment started the investigation to find out who is behind it.

He stressed on the deep and strong relation between Turkey and Palestine. Within the recent years the Turkish Post hosted 22 employees of the Palestinian Post in order to gain experiencein the postal fields. In addition, the Turkish Republic hosted Palestinian delegations at international conferences that are held annually by the Turkish Post.

He explained that the Palestinian Post was supported and funded by the Turkish Post; therefore some postage was issued that refers to the shared history between the two countries in Turkish and Palestinian version."

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