Büyükelçi Ahmet Demirok'un Qatar Today Magazine'e Verdiği Mülakat

Doha Büyükelçiliği 16.09.2015

Büyükelçi Ahmet Demirok'un Türkiye-Katar ilişkilerine dair mülakatı "Qatar Today Magazin" dergisinin Eylül sayısında yayımlanmıştır.

Ambassador Ahmet Demirok gave an interview on the relations between Turkey and Qatar to "Qatar Today Magazin". The interview was published in the September issue.

Özet çeviri/Summary:

"Relations between Turkey and Qatar

H.E. Ahmet Demirok, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Qatar
- Huge Development in the Turkish Qatari bilateral relations
- Besides strengthening the political relations between Qatar and Turkey, we have seen economic relations and trade between the two countries, a major development in recent years, directly contributed to the signing of several agreements related to the development of bilateral relations, and the prevention of double taxation, and the development of economic exchange and protection of investments.
- Nowadays Qatar is considered as one of the best countries with whom we share a distinguished relations.
- The relation between the two countries can be described as excellent during this period.
- A relation that is growing stronger every day due to approximate points of view that might be the same sometimes on the regional issues.
- We have historical relation with Qatar, since the sixteenth century, and since the “Justice and Development Party” became the ruling party in Turkey, we started to give more attention to our relation with the Middle Eastern countries, with whom we have lots of things in common.
- The Turkish center, which has been announced during the official opening of our new embassy premises, took so long to open due to Bureaucracy procedures, but hopefully it will start soon.
Mr. Mohammed Kursad Caymaz, GM of Turkish Airlines
- The number of Qataris who visited Turkey increased by 40% during the first six months of this year.
Dr. Abdullah Al Shemary, Expert in Qatari-Turkish relations
- The development that took place in the Qatari-Turkish relations over the past decade is a model of relations between two Middle Eastern countries who succeeded in strengthening the confidence between them and achieve a strategic integration.
Mr. Ahmed Khalaf, Businessman
- We can enter through turkey to large industrial, agricultural and commercial markets.
Mr. Mohammed Obeidly, member of Qatar Chamber
- The bilateral relation with Turkey is on its very high level in all fields."

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