Büyükelçi Ahmet Demirok'un "al Sharq" Gazetesinde Yayınlanan Mülakatı

Doha Büyükelçiliği 08.10.2015

Büyükelçi Ahmet Demirok'un, MÜSİAD tarafından ülkemiz dışında ilk defa gerçekleştirilen High Tech Port Yüksek Teknoloji Fuarı bağlamında Türkiye ile Katar arasındaki askeri ve ekonomik ilişkilere dair verdiği mülakat Katar'da Arapça yayınlanan "Al Sharq" gazetesinde yer almıştır.

Özet çeviri/Summary:

"Developed Turkish boats for the Qatari Coast Guard next year

H.E Ahmet Demirok, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, confirmed that the Turkish- Qatari partnership in the field of defense industries strengthen the distinguished relations between the two countries, pointing out that the delivery of Turkish high-speed boats will start for the Qatari Coast Guard next year.

Defense industries

The Ambassador Demirok, in a statements to the reporters after the reception that was held at his residence in honor of the Turkish Defense Minister Mr. Vecdi Gonul, said the Defense Industries and High-tech fair, which is currently hosted by Doha at Qatar Convention Center, is a historical fair for the two countries, it was held for the first time in Turkey last year, but this is the first time to be held outside Turkey this year, and includes all products of the Turkish defense industry.

Delivery of boats

Response to a question about the purchase of Qatar for a number of coastguard fast boats from the Turkish side and which had been contracted with one of the specialized Turkish companies, H.E said that it the second time where six boats were previously sold to Qatari naval forces and an agreement was signed to buy 17 High-quality speedboats, and the delivery will start next year.

Non-traditional products

H.E the Turkish ambassador said “when we talk about defense industries, we call to mind some countries such as the United States or Britain or France, but now Turkey is present in the market so we would like to introduce our products which are non-traditional one and characterized by advanced technology. If you visit the exhibition you can see it by yourselves, and the Turkish defense products strongly compete in the global market.

Distinguished relations

Ambassador Demirok expressed his happiness for displaying the Turkish products in the State of Qatar, under the distinguished relations between the two countries on all political and economic levels, pointing out that this exhibition adds another dimension to the two countries' relations which is the interest in defense industries that strengthen the relations between the two, and what is owned by Qatar not owned by Turkey and vice versa, so the relations are complementary to each other.

He also praised his delight in the good organization, pointing out that this cooperation will be an initial step forward to further Turkish -Qatari cooperation and partnership in the field of defense industry relations.

Qatari Impressions

About the Qatari impressions, H.E the Turkish ambassador said that first impressions confirm significant Qatari interest by the opening of H.E Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, to the exhibition the day before yesterday in the high-level presence of Qatari Ministers and businessmen, which confirms the presence of the great interest from the Qatari side towards the Turkish products.

Military agreement

And about the military agreements between Qatar and Turkey, Ambassador Demirok said: “We have a historic agreement on military cooperation between the two countries that was signed on the 19th of December last year and related to military training and defense industry, and will be a good beginning of cooperation between the two countries in the field of defense industries, pointing out the agreement was signed by the Defense Ministers of the two countries during the visit by H.H Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, to Turkey”. And on joint training programs, H.E said: Yes, we have a joint body with the Qatari forces for military training programs.

Oil and Gas Prices

Regarding the decline in oil and gas prices and its impact on such partnerships and cooperation between Qatar and Turkey, he said: It's normal when the oil price is low it will affect the economy and trade, some investments will be postponed, but so far in cooperation between Qatar and Turkey's we did not feel any negative issues. About the defensive aspects of high quality and techniques, these are critical fields and we should be spending on, to achieve security and safety in the critical conditions experienced by our region now.

Qatari investments

About of the Qatari investment growth in Turkey, Ambassador Demirok said: The Qatari investments in Turkey is growing and we are working hard to attract more investment, and Qatari investments are highlighted in real estate and they will also invest in the energy field. The Qatari investors are distinguished in marketing and perhaps they will invest also to promote Turkish products."

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